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Ohio Motorcycle Helmet Law

America’s roads have become safer for car drivers over the decades, thanks to advanced automobile technologies (LeBeau). But things may not have improved as much for motorcycle riders because the potential for safety technologies is quite limited in motorcycles, due to its very nature. Thus, some old-school technologies like motorcycle...

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Equitable Estoppel

1) The vast majority of states hold that lifetime employment offers are not within the purview of the statute of frauds, and thus, do not have to memorialized in a writing. A small minority of states will require that these contracts be written down, but in the vast majority of...

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Introduction to the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a very popular subject for many people. This law states that a person can manifest their dreams into reality simply by daily visualizations of their chosen desires and complete faith that the universe will provide. A person simply decides what their desires are, spends some...

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Essay On Law

While I am absolutely passionate about the study of law itself, I also have a deep personal connection to the fundamental notions of ethics, human rights and justice for all individuals. My decision to study law originates from a far deeper place than a mere career choice. Instead, it comes...

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Application of International Law

In the US, the law is obtained from five sources, which are international treaties, decrees, regulations disseminated by administrative agencies, the constitutions and appellate opinions made by the judicial courts. Most arbitration cases will require adjudication or mediation as steps to be followed in essence before the ultimate arbitration incepts....

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