The role of personnel security as it relates to the protective function is that it protects workers through policies and procedures from unauthorized use or access of the organization’s resources.

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Supervision, management and leadership qualities and competencies differ from each other because leaders envision the goal and communicate it to motivate others to get on board with a mission. Managers are organized and can apply resources efficiently to optimize outcomes. Supervising involves overseeing others to ensure quality and productivity, which requires patience and strict adherence to schedules and deadlines while maintaining the flexibility required for employee satisfaction. A human resources manager requires all three because he or she will step into the role of a supervisor, manager, and leader at any given time.
Sometimes the roles will overlap. The job of a human resources manager is all encompassing and revolves around the staff and the organizational goals.

Ethics is different from law and policy because ethics are recommended behaviors based on morals and values. Laws and policies are specific and have punishments when they are not abided by.

A professional code of conduct maintains standards for employees that meet the standards of the organization. It is intended to clarify the ethical standards others are expected to maintain in their actions while working at the organization.

The ASIS International Code of Ethics would be useful in developing a Professional Code of Conduct for a security professional because it brings together different private and public groups to make, “best practices consistent with the goal of simultaneously promoting stability and respect for human and civil rights” (“ASIS International Launches Standards,” 2011). In today’s world, there are varied needs for security that require a standardized code of conduct to ensure that people are given the liberties they deserve as human beings. ASIS will be the source of that standardized code of conduct to ensure it is ethical.

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