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Leadership Studies

Elements of Leadership

Elements of Leadership is an article that provides an overview of some of the basics of leadership that make it what it is. The article takes on leadership at an ideological level, breaking down some of the expectations that go along with it and concepts that make it desirable. Specifically,...

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Leadership Effects on Student Learning

Leadership styles have been studied in many types of organizations. Research into leadership and its effect on those within the organization can also be applied to the academic setting when one considers it from an organizational standpoint. This research examines the role of leadership on academic performance and supports the...

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Becoming an Effective Leader

Leadership is an essential aspect in generating effectiveness in the field of retail stores. In my case, I have found myself applying different leadership styles to ensure that my followers achieve their defined goals, as well as maximize their performance and productivity. The first style I have applied in the...

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Self Analysis of Leadership Abilities

In assessing personal leadership qualities, the individual thinks about their personal capabilities, both physical and mental. One is prompted to think about skills, knowledge, attitude and enthusiasm to lead. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, the individual may choose to improve their leadership skills, seek out opportunities for leadership...

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Subprime Department Blues

1. In order to improve morale in her department, she should focus on those things that her employees really care about. It may be fruitless to try to change the perceptions of the work they are doing. However, there are plenty of workplaces where people are doing work that gets...

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