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Leadership Studies

Leading in a Culture of Change

There exists significant temptation and, indeed, a near-compulsive need among managers to be in control of every aspect of a business"s operations. Leaders are trained from an early age that it is their role to use processes and their own smarts to ensure that a business is, above all else,...

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Situational Leadership

Nikki, the top sales representative at Splendor Company’s sales department, has been a continual help and valuable addition to them team. For the most part, she is early and prompt, coming into the office before everyone and always being the last to leave. She is thorough and detailed in her...

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Women in Leadership: Paper Sample

Women in leadership positions in my organization face challenges that are indicative of the stereotypes women face in society. These stereotypes of women in charge are viewed as bossy, aggressive, and unfeminine. She is portrayed through the media as unattractive and often unfriendly. However, stereotypes are formed to convey inaccuracies...

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Leadership Training Program Explained

Becoming a successful leader requires a comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with leadership, along with a diverse skillset which promotes flexibility and strength in this capacity. Leaders must be innovative, creative, and work well with a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Furthermore, they must...

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Leadership Training Program

In the beginning of the training, the new employees will be warmly greeted and their importance for the company will be emphasized. The training will start from a short introduction about the differences between management and leadership in a form of presentation. This part of the training aims to develop...

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