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Leadership Studies

What Determines a Servant Leader: Transformative Leadership

In a modern context, the term “servant leader” is loaded with misconceptions, prejudices and connotations that might perplex anyone. What exactly is a servant leader? Definitions abound, but one particularly valuable definition has been provided by Skip Prichard, who once said that servant leaders lead with others in mind. According...

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Effective Leadership in Public Services and the Private Sector

Effective leadership in the public services is quite similar overall when compared to effective leadership in the private sector. Given the recent events and uncertainty of the global financial markets, this is also a relevant matter that merits discussion. In short, the two areas require leaders that need to be...

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Leadership Development

Leadership development is an assessment of leaders to help identify and align strengths and weaknesses in an organization with what is considered important. The importance of leadership development in an organization is to develop effective leadership, build relationships with employees, increase motivation, and enhance communication. In addition, leaders must understand...

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Theories of Leadership

The leadership capability of any organization is critical to organizational performance and success (Bolden, Gosling, Marturano & Dennison, 2003). In the global competitive environment, organizations are under pressure to achieve productivity goals necessitating high collaborative efforts in order to achieve sustainable performance (Barnett, 2016; Dias et al., 2016). Effective leadership...

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Application: Leadership Perspectives

There are two main forms of leadership, that is, situational leadership and transformational leadership. Situational leadership refers to leadership that depends on particular issues that require handling at a particular instance. For example, in a business setting, situational leaders will make decisions focusing on the current business situation. For example,...

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