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Leadership Studies

Transformative Leadership

One of the opportunities that the leaders of tomorrow will have and who are now students will be the factor of technology in the running of organizations. Technology has evolved over the years, and it is now taking center stage even in learning centers in the classrooms. The hours spent...

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Collaborative Leadership: Google Redesign

When firms are developing new features or products, leaders should give due attention to consumers' needs. In fact, they should focus on customers and involve, but not make decisions for them (Moir, 2015). The groups that participated in redesigning of Google did not gather information regarding the features they would...

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Leadership Analysis

President Barack Obama demonstrates strong leadership skills. The president’s communication competencies are excellent. In terms of public speaking, the president speaks with the right tone and with a solid cadence. Beyond that, he understands how to properly insert a joke into even discussions on serious topics, providing levity to situations...

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Nursing Leadership Theories And Models

The recent healthcare system is always changing, and its complexity is becoming apparent. As a result, health care organizations are unable to manage the complexity using the outdated leadership solutions. Various concerns have risen over the quality of service provision, rising costs, limited resources among other shortcomings. Healthcare issues result...

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