Leadership style is a tool that is deployed by leaders for planning, provision of a sense of direction and motivating other people. Different people have distinctive resilience towards specific leadership styles depending on how they have come to like them. Personally, I was motivated to adopt the democratic style of leadership as demonstrated by President Barrack Obama of the United States of America who is my mentor. Democratic style of leadership is mainly based on the building of consensus to address leadership issues and to find a way forward. Besides, democratic style of leadership is very instrumental in ensuring that leaders get the best ideas and strategies from their counterparts in times of emergency. As a result, it empowers leaders to make rational and reasonable decisions that will be a welcome in the society (Glanz, 2002).

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Leadership is a challenging post that requires technical ability, competitive traits, and confidence to sail through. However, I find that simple by incorporating some of the leadership traits of my mentor into my leadership style, to ensure that my leadership plans and ideas have been met. Therefore, as a leader, I will uphold honesty in all my undertakings and doings just like my mentor. As a matter of fact, honesty is the key to achieving healthy personal interrelationship with others. Hence, by deploying honesty, it will be possible to win people’s trust and work towards the achievement of goals in a convenient and rational manner that will be acceptable to everybody. In retrospect to that, I will also initiate for healthy communication with my counterparts (Glanz, 2002).

Consequently, good communication is the key element of achieving operational efficiency in a given group. Therefore, by providing timely and clear communication to my counterparts in matters of importance, they will feel like part of the leadership thus offering their best tow meet the leadership objectives. Besides that, I will ensure that the communication is consistent and constructive to enable the others to understand their roles in the leadership role at hand. Contrary to that, I will ensure that I will work to achieve the desired confidence to run my activities. Life is full of ups and downs, and the only way of getting things into control is by developing self-confidence even in the worst scenarios that may be questionable to the others (Glanz, 2002).

I also want to develop into an inspirational leader just like my mentor President Barrack Obama. As a leader, it is always convenient to guide the others by showing some inspiring motives through your goals and ambitions. Also, providing an inspirational sense of direction to the others enables them to follow your footsteps and work according to the desired standards and criteria as stipulated in your leadership manifesto. Just like my mentor, I will always develop positivity in what I do. The leadership role has a lot of challenges, and the only way of getting them into control is by being positive. Consequently, it is not always good to develop yourself by negativity, for example, criticizing your counterparts about certain actions. However, it is advisable to guide them in a desired manner that can make them appreciate their general contributions towards a certain leadership role (Glanz, 2002).

In retrospect to that, I will offer room for delegation. Thus, to achieve that, I will ensure that I understand the strengths of each of my counterparts for easy delegation of duties. Leadership incorporates various organizational aspects that cannot be met by a single individual. Therefore, to achieve my leadership objectives, it will be advisable to delegate some of the leadership duties to my counterparts. Apart from that, I will also embrace commitment in my undertakings just like my mentor. It has always been difficult to make achievements in life without being committed to stepping up in your doings. Besides, by being committed as a leader, it will be possible for my counterparts to support me by offering their best for the achievement of goals (Glanz, 2002).

Apart from commitment, I will also uphold high creativity. Leadership roles involve meeting and addressing organizational challenges that emerge from time to time. Therefore, to counter those challenges, I will ensure that my general creativity and innovativeness are second to none as portrayed by my mentor President Barrack Obama. Contrary to that, creativity is a key aspect in the implementation of urgent, decisive measures in leadership. In addition to creativity, I will also embrace the sense of humor as an individual. Consequently, humor creates a sense of humane work environment with your counterparts thus creating the sense of togetherness and comradeship. Also, I will incorporate intuition as an adaptive leadership characteristic for making crucial decisions. It is always possible to be at the verge of taking decisive actions as a leader on matters that you may never have met before even in the books. Hence, by being intuitive, it will become possible for you to take time and make a decision that will suit all the parties in the game (Glanz, 2002).

President Barrack Obama has always been showing incomparable competence in his leadership style by incorporating great plans and ideas together with the best leadership traits to make his leadership be effective to people. For that reason, I find him as a great mentor and advisor in leadership platform. Hence, by incorporating the above leadership characteristics in my leadership style, there will be a guaranteed effectiveness in the quality of leadership that I will offer (Glanz, 2002).

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