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Leadership Theories

Leadership, Motivational and Stress Management Models

Leadership Theory The transactional leadership style may be appropriate for a project management situation. The transactional leadership style is based like the name, on the concept that transactions must be accomplished within an organization, thus team members agree to be paid for their efforts in accomplishing short-term tasks or projects....

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CEO Leadership

The purpose of this paper is to examine the similarities and differences between CEO leadership in the public sector and leadership in the private sector, as well as how these leadership qualities are complementary, which means that great leaders can lead well in any context, whether it is public or...

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Democratic Versus Authoritarian Leadership

Democratic leadership involves leaders offering guidance to their team members as well as seeking their input before making decisions (Lewis, 1993). This style of leadership is often believed to create a balance, and it gives the team members a feeling of being valued. Democratic leadership gains its authority from accountability,...

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Hitler Authoritarian Leadership

The start of the 20th century depicted the upsurge of various authoritarian states and the upsurge to power of history’s most horrific leaders. Most of these leaders were authoritarian. Authoritarian leadership denotes the leadership style that involves the leader having complete control and decision-making power over the citizens. The leaders...

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Developing Ethical and Authentic Leadership Behaviors

Abstract Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years for running one of the country’s biggest fraud schemes. The scheme involved a breach of trust. It affected the ability of individuals to trust one another. It also outlined the need for organizations to remain true to their purpose and for the...

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Servant Leader

Being a servant leader to me means showing others how to serve as well. Being a role model for others is very important especially when it comes to being able to give of yourself. I try in my life every day to show others how to help others and work...

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Team Leader Discussion

When I think of effective team leaders, the best example that comes to mind from my own experience was actually a classmate with whom I did a group project. This was during my undergraduate experience; she was an undergraduate like me, but she seemed to really have a handle on...

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Examining Leadership Development in Gateway National Recreation Area

In the 21st century, there have been many problems that have occurred within organizations and among their leaders (Ciporen, 2010). Avolio (1999) indicates that an understanding of how others act is needed in order to be an effective leader. Gateway National Recreation Area should seek to strengthen and improve their...

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Leadership Style

Leadership style is a tool that is deployed by leaders for planning, provision of a sense of direction and motivating other people. Different people have distinctive resilience towards specific leadership styles depending on how they have come to like them. Personally, I was motivated to adopt the democratic style of...

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Comparison of Leadership Articles and Research

Introduction The three empirical leadership and ethical articles that form the basis of this leadership essay include firstly, “On Impassioned Leadership: A Comparison Between Leaders from Divergent Walks of Life” by Joan Marques, “Situational, Transformational, and Transactional Leadership and Leadership Development” by Jim McCleskey, and “ Ethics, values and behaviors:...

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Assessing Contemporary Views of Leadership

AbstractThis report presents three (3) different types of contemporary leadership models through various published reports. Firstly, the impact of social media on the cognition of followers is presented, as it appears that an individual that is able to master their presence on social media today will thrive as a leader....

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Servant and Spiritual Leadership

It seems that, as commerce has increasingly become globalized and businesses expand in unprecedented ways, there is an equally increasing interest on leadership, and how leaders conform to various styles of the function. Without question, the traditional model of the hierarchy, governed by autocratic leadership, has given way to more...

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A Leadership Module to Building Communities

Introduction Community leadership development programs are essential for providing a foundation in leadership and how individuals, irrespective of their positions or backgrounds, can inspire change and a better state of living in respective communities. Leadership changes communities and drives others towards a common societal goal. For example, leadership programs for...

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Using Leadership to Improve Ethical Performance

For purposes of this study the leader in question was interviewed from a medium sized firm that has recently experienced a restructuring. The leader was the President of the manufacturing division. The leader believed in ethical leadership which he defined as a means of leading with integrity and value (Brown...

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Organizational Leadership

Introduction Healthcare organizations with a focus on patients and families must demonstrate a strong an effective approach to managing operations and the development of new ideas and strategies to facilitate greater quality of care. This process must serve as an opportunity to explore the different dimensions of healthcare practice and...

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Sport Leadership Trends for Gender and Ethnicity

The topic to be examined is sport leadership and issues surrounding it. In Western societies as well as globally, sport is a massive industry and one of the most popular activities supported by untold numbers of nations. Sport is, certainly in the West, both a means of entertainment and considered...

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Styles Of Leadership

Three leadership styles are transformational, situational and quantum leadership. The three characteristics that define the transformational leadership include motivating the followers inspirationally, creation of unity, and establishing a shared vision (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy & O’Gradyu, 2013). The major characteristics of the situational leadership are the leaders and the followers assuming...

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21st Century Leadership in Action

Everyone's dream in the modern world is to be a leader sometime in future. Lectures by prominent people across the globe emphasize on who and what qualifies one be considered an effective leader. I am happy to say that my dream of becoming a leader has been realized. My current...

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Leadership styles

Leadership styles The research paper compares and contrasts two approaches to leadership, namely the Path-Goal theory and the Situational leadership theory. The analysis grounds on the evaluation of due approaches by Peter Northouse and Nancy J. Adler, as well as the works of other leadership theorists. The Path-Goal Theory The...

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

There are many differences between the approach of the nurse leader and that of traditional management. While it is ideal for the nursing leader to also have strong management skills, nurse leadership and business management could be seen as having opposing orientation. Where the former seeks to empower the group...

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