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Leadership Theories

The Human Side of Management and Leadership

It is axiomatic that healthy organizations are led by capable management and leadership. While management and leadership clearly benefit from the ‘traditional’ skills such as project management, finance, accounting, human resource management, marketing and technology, there is still the equally, if not more important notion of the ‘human side’ to...

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Men and women in leadership: Noting the differences in perceptions

IntroductionWhen men are in positions of power, this is considered a natural and normal occurrence and typically doesn’t produce any negative responses or perceptions tied to their gender. On the other hand, women in power are considered an aberration from the traditional societal expectations of gender roles, and women endure...

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Leadership Communication Analysis

In analyzing the leadership communication of Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, it is helpful to remember that successful communication by leaders is dependent on the roles that they can fulfill in their messages. Often these roles are seemingly in conflict- giving constructive criticism while building social trust,...

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Situational Leaderhip

Some of the qualities given for being an elder or a deacon apply to other leadership positions in religious organizations. As Howell notes, Paul believed that people who were going to be elders in the church must be up for good works. They must have a faith that is about...

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Black Women Leadership

When black women are in leadership roles the issue of scrutiny emerges. The odds are stacked heavily against them because they are women and of a minority race. When in leadership roles, their every decision and mistake is examined, most often to prove that they are not leadership material. They...

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Leadership Roles In A Psychiatric Institution

An executive director oversees the formal leadership of a psychiatric institution. Reporting to this role is the medical director, a psychiatrist who also has informal power by virtue of their physical presence in the environment, and due to their expertise. Nursing roles imbued with formal power are the Director of...

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What Is Leadership?

Research studies have been indicating that trust is a crucial aspect at any level of leadership. Leaders should show their followers that they can be trusted to implement their leaderships effectively. Far from that, traits such willingness to serve others is an important character that cultivates effective leaders. In addition...

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