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Why Aren’t There More Girls In Leadership Roles?

Gender psychology of leadership as a science began to develop under the influence of the feminist movement since the mid-1970s of the 20th century (Gardiner, Rita A 112). Although women are getting more proactive with every generation, it is still hard to debunk the theory that executive positions can occupy...

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W.E.B. DuBois

W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington were both very important black leaders during the turn of the 20th century. Each had their own opinion about how to fix the problems of inequality and injustice that existed in the South. This time period, which occurred shortly after the Civil War, was...

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‘Resistance To Change’, Leadership And Management

Concept Definitions Palmer (2004) defines ‘resistance to change’ – the lack of acceptance of change by the people affected while Dent & Goldberg (1999) believes that people do not really resist to change but elements like loss of status among others. Rowitz (2010) sees management as a basic administration process...

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Leadership And Firm Performance

Firm success can be inferred as dependent on various factors especially the effective utilization of available resources, both tangible and the intangible such as the input of a company’s workforce, finances, technology and elements like leadership. Of note however, is the contribution of a firm’s management or leadership in organizing...

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Did The Press Play A Leadership Role In The Civil Rights Movement?

The actual impact of media on society is widely examined, particularly as technology has so greatly expanded the presence of media in modern life. Regarding the news, there is the ongoing debate as to reporting versus influence, and whether such influence is deliberate. What is certain, however, is that the...

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Leadership and Respect

Respect is an attribute that helps build relations in one’s personal life and in the workplace. The utilization and application of respect is necessary for supervisors and managers to effectively lead their subordinates. Leadership and respect are intertwined since mutual respect between subordinates and power figures enhances the way each...

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Creative Problem Solving for Personal Planning and Development

Our Management Assessment Course has given me practical ways in which I can be more effective in solving problems in the work place and at home. The course focus on the importance of understanding other people and their point of view is valuable to me in two major areas. One...

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Challenges faced by Women in Leadership

Within the realms of predominantly male-operated economy, women are facing numerous challenges related to managerial and leadership positions in various industries. While the situation has positively changed in the course of the last five decades, still there are hindrances and setbacks disabling greater numbers of women to take lead positions...

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Personal Leadership Reflective Paper: Participative Approach

Introduction Leadership is a crucial dimension of a successful organization. Leadership can play decisive roles in giving direction to an organization, formulating organizational objectives and creating values and culture. Leadership, however, is not a homogeneous concept, and a multiplicity of different leadership approaches exist. In the following paper, on the...

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Transparent Leaders

When most people think of business organizations, they likely think of them in terms producing or offering products and services. But organizations also have obligations to the people that they employ beyond pay and benefits, especially if those organizations wish to maintain employee satisfaction, a key component in organizational success....

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Bill Gates as a Leader

America is the land of dreamers and leaders. Almost every era has produced a number of leaders in all walks of life, and our era is no different. When we think of leaders, there are several names that come to mind including President Reagan, President Obama, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk,...

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership: Use of the RCA and FMEA to Identify Errors and Prevent Future Errors

In the hospital setting, errors in the actions of doctors and other caregivers are a matter of life and death. We use root cause analysis (RCA) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to prevent errors. This should not be performed to assign blame, but rather to evaluate the system....

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Leader: Florence Nightingale

Few figures in nursing, and in health care itself, are as iconic and esteemed as Florence Nightingale. Her groundbreaking work and relentless efforts to reform nursing remain powerful influences today, even as she combated the bias against women assuming leadership roles in the 19th century. In fact, it may be...

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Leader-Manager Assessment

Leadership and management are represented throughout organizations in distinct ways and require expert knowledge and resources in order to establish a complementary approach to conducting business (Kotter, 2001, p. 3). From this perspective, leadership involves the identification of individuals who possess the knowledge and skillset that required to lead under...

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E-Mail To Leadership

Every day life is becoming increasingly cross-cultural in a modern-day context. With the booming technology people of different backgrounds are more connected now than ever. This presents new challenges and in both one’s personal life and in the world of business. A new part of achieving business acumen is knowing...

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Annotated Bibliography Leadership

Center for Teaching, Research, & Learning. (2016). Qualitative Research Introduction. Retrieved 5 February 2016, from This particular source offers insight into how qualitative research is best conducted. It provides the guidelines that should be used in determining the most effective questions and approach for the study to take. In...

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Energy Leadership

How to become a perfect leader? This question has been facing hundreds of scholars and practitioners worldwide. Hundreds of books were written to give talented leaders an impetus for pursuing their most ambitious goals. Hundreds of articles were published to explain the meaning of leadership and explore the multiple facets...

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

Nursing Sensitive Indicators Nursing sensitive indicators are designed to help highlight areas which may contribute to the quality of nursing care and thus reflect on the patient (Xu, 2015). It is important to understand these issues and how they are used in order to highlight areas for improvement, as they...

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An Effective Leader: Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan Kofi Annan is a Ghanaian born diplomat who served at the United Nations as the seventh secretary general. Kofi Annan was born and brought up in Kumasi Ghana and later went and schooled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In his early life, he studied economics and later...

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Asoka the All Time Leader

History International indicated that “The incredible legacy of China’s first emperor remains evident thousands of years after his death. China’s First Emperor traces the story of Qin Shi Huangdi, a trailblazing figure whose contribution to world history is explored in this comprehensive and richly textured documentary” (Portal 2). The legends...

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