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Bill Gates as a Leader

America is the land of dreamers and leaders. Almost every era has produced a number of leaders in all walks of life, and our era is no different. When we think of leaders, there are several names that come to mind including President Reagan, President Obama, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk,...

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership: Use of the RCA and FMEA to Identify Errors and Prevent Future Errors

In the hospital setting, errors in the actions of doctors and other caregivers are a matter of life and death. We use root cause analysis (RCA) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to prevent errors. This should not be performed to assign blame, but rather to evaluate the system....

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Leader: Florence Nightingale

Few figures in nursing, and in health care itself, are as iconic and esteemed as Florence Nightingale. Her groundbreaking work and relentless efforts to reform nursing remain powerful influences today, even as she combated the bias against women assuming leadership roles in the 19th century. In fact, it may be...

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Leader-Manager Assessment

Leadership and management are represented throughout organizations in distinct ways and require expert knowledge and resources in order to establish a complementary approach to conducting business (Kotter, 2001, p. 3). From this perspective, leadership involves the identification of individuals who possess the knowledge and skillset that required to lead under...

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E-Mail To Leadership

Every day life is becoming increasingly cross-cultural in a modern-day context. With the booming technology people of different backgrounds are more connected now than ever. This presents new challenges and in both one’s personal life and in the world of business. A new part of achieving business acumen is knowing...

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