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In the article “Mad Men Has its Moment,” Alex Witchel tells the stories of George Lois and William Bernbach, both very successful ad writers from the 1950s and 60s, who both indicate working in an ad agency during the time period the show depicts was nothing like how it appears...

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Discussion Question Post

In presenting my idea to improve patient care to upper management, I would use both verbal communication and a PowerPoint presentation. I believe that both elements would help me demonstrate to upper management why this idea would benefit the patients. In using visual communication, I would begin in addressing how...

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Exploring My Cross Cultural Leadership Acumen

In the increasingly diverse workforce of the twenty-first century, few skills are more important for a business leader to possess than cross-cultural leadership acumen. In this arena, I believe that I have developed quite a few capabilities. For one, I consider myself to be a highly empathetic individual, and the...

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Current Event Article – Leadership

In this paper, I am going to discuss the article “Ukraine’s most popular politician” written by Maxim Tucker and published on two days ago. The main idea that revolves around in the presented article is the implication of the political leadership in practice, followed by the example of the...

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Leadership Mission

A mission is an individual’s or organization’s reason for doing its work. Having a mission gives people a purpose each and every day for doing their work. A vision is what they are looking to do in the future. It helps in planning ahead, and gives a goal to be...

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