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Organizational Culture In Healthcare

Dear Lisa, I would like tor respond to your post on the organizational culture in healthcare systems. I think that your writing piece has excellent points on underlining the complexity of healthcare organizations and the uniqueness of their culture. It was very insightful to read the application of theoretical principles...

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Leadership Communication

A leader can set the entire tone of a workplace. This is true both in cases of poor and excellent leadership however it has never been more evident to me than working as nurse in a rehabilitation facility (Sheahan, Duke & Nugent, 2007). While there I have collaborated with several...

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Cadet Officer Leadership School

I attended Cadet Officer Leadership School at Fayetteville State University this summer. The experience came to me as a sophomore, and I am glad it did. While I was eager to attend as a freshmen, I think that the year in JROTC prepared me to get the most out of...

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Education Leadership

Effective management is essential to the overall success of any organization. Managers take on the responsibility of overseeing operations and delegating duties to subordinates. They have to ensure that the business flows efficiently and that employees maintain high level performance. Thus, managers usually observe and monitor employees to make sure...

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Authentic Leadership

Displaying authentic leadership is a rare opportunity, and it is usually in response to a negative event. For example, Johnson and Johnson’s former CEO Jim Burke had the opportunity when it was discovered that Tylenol was being tampered with and was not safe. He immediately had Tylenol removed from the...

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