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Writing Challenges

The tasks of reading and writing can bring about challenges for many people. For some, they find difficulties in reading, due as a result of the fact that English is their second language, or because they did not learn effective reading skills and techniques as children, or perhaps even as...

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Pyramid of Intervention

The "Pyramid of Intervention" is a concept that was established in order to provide a system of supports offered by schools that address students who are struggling academically. Teachers develop their curriculum based on standards that are established by the states, and they use textbooks that are approved and adapted...

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Pyramid Model

At its core, the pyramid model represents a systematic approach to ensuring that all children receive the targeted intervention(s) they need to be happy, productive and healthy members of society. As providing this sort of support can be a complex negotiation between many factors, the pyramid model was proposed as...

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Flipped Classroom

In the existing literature on flipped classroom, various authors have different opinions regarding the impact of flipped classrooms on students’ achievement in mathematics. The research studies performed by AlKhunaizi (2014), Love et al., (2014), Bhagat et al., (2016), Ashby et al., (2011), Briggs (2014) and Diab and Abdel all have...

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Ethics in the Classroom

While the public perception regarding what it means to be a teacher may be simplistic, the reality of the classroom is much more complicated. Classroom management in particular is one aspect which on the surface seems straightforward: establish order, keep control, and maintain a safe environment. However, the classroom is...

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