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Classroom Effects of a Commercially Available Video Music-and-Movement

Abstract This paper will provide a literature review on the benefits of utilizing music within a classroom for the purposes of promoting a change in student behavior from negative to positive, and why music serves as a necessary modifier for the teacher in the student classroom. Keywords: literature review, music...

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Implications: Student Isolation and Knowledge Creation

Through lectures, discussions, simulations and demonstrations, among other forms of instruction, teachers help and guide students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills as well as gain in-depth understanding of educational content, augmented by personal study. Personal study especially in locales such as libraries, which promote student isolation, provide students with...

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Knowledge Sharing

In Chapter 5, Fullan asserts that knowledge sharing is the “wave of the future” and certainly convinces his audience of its importance and social benefit. However, just teaching people information or having them ingest new knowledge will not lead to change or growth, because new information needs to be implemented...

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Present Levels of Educational Performance

Laney is strong in social relationships as well as in sports. She represented her class in the annual school sports where she was awarded for her exemplary performance in football and athletics. Overall, Laney can be evaluated as a jovial student who is liked at many and strong in social...

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The Effectiveness Of Output-Focused Video-Based Instruction

In this article, the researcher examined the value of a video-based instructional intervention for the pragmatic language development of a group of adult second language learners. The main concept underpinning the research was the idea that pragmatic competence requires the student not only to develop linguistic competence, but also an...

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