The disturbing condition of the American health care systems has drawn business leaders, policy makers as well as health experts to look for working ways in reforming the system that in many accounts, stood in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. During the 1993 and 1994, the American government took part in widespread conflict over health reforms of the health care system. Unlike several other issues, an assessment of the American health care system can be simply described as being too costly and many Americans lack access to health care services.The health care reforms bring numerous important ethical issues to the fore such as the recently passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 has raised ethical debate about various controversial topics. Even though the government has enacted many reforms for the purpose of enhancing health services access, many Americans still lack access to quality health care services. Health insurance is expensive for many American especially among the unemployed.
In order to enhance the health care system, there is need to implement radical restructuring of the system. For instance the introduction of national health care system as well as an increased involvement by the government especially in the insurance programs can help in averting the crisis. There should be equal allocation of health care resources to all the Americans regardless of the social or economic class. What Americans and the society expect from the health care system is efficiency and equitable access by all. Americans desire the highest quality of care on the reason that quality care offers greatest health benefits. This is based on the fact the US has been leading the expansion of medicine research and enhancing quality health care in the world. There is too much expenditure on health care by Americans hence it is important to make it affordable especially for the poor citizens.

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