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Should Treaty of Waitangi be added into Constitution?

The main objective of this paper is to present benefits as well as the risks of integrating The Treaty of Waitangi into the constitution of New Zealand as proposed by Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Butler propose in their book, “A Constitution for Aotearoa, New Zealand.” The Treaty was first...

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Legislative Impact on English Language Learners

Lau v. Nichols was a landmark case for English language learners, due to its finding that not providing students with resources necessary to understand the curriculum was a violation of the Civil Rights Act. The 1974 decision involved a case where Chinese American students in San Francisco were forced to...

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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

For many years now, some states have put forward legislation that requires all the beneficiaries of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families commonly abbreviated as TANF, should agree to a compulsory drug test as a requirement for gaining any help. This proposal was first made in Michigan in the year 2000....

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Safe Patient Handling

The bill formally called Nurse and Health Care Worker Protection Act (H.R.4266) imposes an obligation on the Department of Labor to design and establish a specific standard for safe patient handling. This obligation implies the introduction of engineering and safety controls. The bill is sponsored by Representative John Conyers, Jr.,...

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Texas Legislature

In the article “Lifestyles of the Corrupt and Elected,” journalist Dave Mann of the Texas Observer takes a long, hard look at what he reports are the excessively lavish lifestyles of Texas politicians. Mann begins his investigative piece by highlighting one of Texas’s Republican representatives, Senator Troy Fraser. Mann uses...

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SOPA and PIPA – Government Electronic Regulation

In the United States, the federal government has become increasingly interested in regulating the online sphere and getting a firm grasp on technology. This is a change for the government, as well. For the longest time, many of the nation’s laws have been ill-prepared to deal with the changes in...

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Smoking in Public Places

Smoking cigarettes and whether it should be banned in public places has been debated for several decades. Some smokers feel that they have the right to smoke; while some non-smokers feel that they should not have to deal with other people’s secondhand smoke. While some states such as New York...

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Legislative Report

Major purpose of the legislationThe Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 resulted in the introduction of federal subsidies or payments for foster care and adoption assistance. The implementation of this legislation by the federal government was an encouragement to individuals adopting special needs children. Besides, it was pivotal...

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Legislation Report

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was enacted by the American Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1996. It has been named after two prior legislations that intended to cover workers and their families whenever they lose their jobs. It is organized in terms of titles...

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Law Enforcement Policy

In order to properly implement a mandatory soft body armor policy, one must take into account a number of different factors, including the particular aspects of police culture and unionized police culture. It is critical to address some of the concerns of people resisting this effort, as well as to...

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Anti-Trust Regulation

Four major Texas insurance companies were being held liable for violating anti-trust laws according to the article “Four Big Insurers Settle Texas Antitrust Case”. The insurers in question included ITT Hartford, Aetna, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and the Insurance Company of North America. They were being challenged for allegedly conspiring together...

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Bicameral Legislation

A bicameral legislature is a type of parliament in which legislative power is shared by two chambers. In the USA, these chambers include the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Senate is considerably smaller in size and comprises two senators from each state. In the House of Representatives, the...

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Government Influence

There are several individuals and entitties that are able to influence public managers. The legislative branch, executive branch, interest groups, corporations, and public agencies as well as non-profit agencies influence governmental spending, bills that are passed, amendments, and just about every other aspect of how our country is run. Every...

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Introduction To Law

Question 1Acting ethically pertaining what is right or wrong especially when it comes to standards of a profession. The Lockhart’s did not act ethically in their deals with the Sewaks. I would term their actions as a violation of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. As the...

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American Court System: Court Designs And Functions

The purpose of court systems is to provide a decision on any issue that happens or any matter that brings about controversies. They decide the punishment for people who have committed crimes, solve disputes for people who cannot resolve themselves, and even interpret the law for the Republic. The United...

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The Design Of The Judicial Branch In The New Constitutional Order

Alexander Hamilton discusses the significance and the design of the judicial branch in the new constitutional order. In particular, Federalist 78 introduces this analysis by commenting on the judiciary as the “least dangerous” branch. The argument is that courts are much less likely to engage in the infringement of “political...

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Laws of Migration

One of the migration laws by Ravensten (1885) states that females are more migratory than males within their country, but most international migrants are young males. Due to the current migration trends, I disagree that most international migrants are young males. Studying the migration trends beginning on 1960 onwards, women...

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Karleskey & Lewis I/O Consultant Firm

Dear Sir, We are writing to schedule an appointment with you with a purpose of discussing the terms of the contract between Karleskey & Lewis I/ O Consultant Firm and “Incredible Sports Gear”. Although we tentatively agreed to meet October 30 at 5.00 pm, I kindly ask you to delay...

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The Legislative Branch of Government

Of the three branches of government – executive, legislative and judicial – the legislative branch is the most powerful. Each branch has a delineated scope of authority with unique responsibilities in the government. The legislature makes the laws, the executive branch implements the laws and the judiciary interprets the laws....

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Grand Jury: California

The purpose of a grand jury is to decides whether a defendant should be charged or indicted regarding criminal matters. The grand jury system is not uniform throughout the nation each state has its own set of rules regarding the process. Furthermore, counties within a state can vary somewhat concerning...

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