Leonardo’s painting is among the many Renaissance arts that have had much influence on science making it be a perfect example of arts that symbolizes Western Civilization. As everyone can tell, the painting reflects scientific understanding. Through the painting, one is capable of noticing Leonardo’s creative geniuses that have assisted in the development of western civilization through exploration and discovery of the human anatomy. Through the Vitruvian Man art, the western civilization has been able to have a breakthrough in anatomy. Besides, this art helped in studying human parts in a way that would allow more accuracy in understanding the inside parts of the body by identifying correct entrance parts of the body without destroying vital organs. Western Civilization has developed a better idea of the body symmetry considering that it well shown in Leonardo’s painting. A scientific breakthrough in the human anatomy has been possible given that western civilization now has a basic idea on various entrances of reaching vital body parts without creating more damage than necessary.

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The scientific understanding of the western civilization has not only been impacted by Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man on the sector of anatomy but also other areas like architecture. Through Leonardo’s painting, western architecture has been impacted beyond reasonable doubt with the knowledge of symmetry. Besides, the human figure inside the square and circle in Leonardo’s art is more of a metaphysics statement. In physics, as seen in the scientific knowledge of the western civilization, the cycle is a representation of infinite. However, on the other hand, the squire and the divine are a representation of the mundane material world. These concepts have had significant impacts on the development of western civilization given that it has influenced many technological discoveries. Also, these concepts are still being applied in many technological fields and studies including engineering, optics, physics, and aerodynamic.

Leonardo’s painting also reflects humanism of the western civilization. Humanity is something of the essence in every society especially in the western civilization considering that this is one way through which a society can move forward. Through this art, we get to understand the curiosity of the western civilization into having a better idea of the human body towards coming up with treatments of operations. The need of wanting to have a better idea of the human body is an indication of human’s interest towards saving the world in case of injuries, disease, or conditions that affect the body. Therefore, this art is a symbolic element of western civilization towards trying to be humane by saving human lives. The western civilization has been able to move heights in its human health-related concepts including surgeries because of the concept formulated by the Vitruvian Man.

The confidence on humanity or understanding of the world is also reflected from Leonardo’s art, and this has had much impact on western civilization. This painting epitomizes some of the essential elements of western civilizations like confidence on humanity, together with the knowledge of human body guarantees it the safety of every person. The painting assists in understanding that western civilization has confidence in its self and that it is willing to go the extra mile to save every person if necessary by understanding the human body. Besides, many scientific discoveries are recognized with the western civilization influenced by Leonardo’s painting. Without the Vitruvian Man painting, maybe the western civilization would not have been prosperous the way it is in the present. The art reflects the courage and dedication that the western civilization has taken towards making sure that the way of life is improved in a new dawn of time.

The quest for knowledge and education is an element identified with the western civilization. Every person is trying to gain more knowledge to better the world or become more literate with vast ideas to share with others. Leonardo’s art reflects the element of the quest for knowledge and education that is common within the western civilization. Through the Vitruvian Man painting, we get to understand how the western civilization has been able to use Leonardo’s ideas to spark new research. The western civilization has been able to be more prosperous than many other civilizations because of how they have taken their time in the incorporation of Leonardo’s painting in their work. Through the Vitruvian Man, we get to understand the quest for knowledge and education towards understanding the human race in a better way of gaining more knowledge on anatomy. The quest for knowledge and education is not nearing its end but is more progressive in the western civilization just as reflected by Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man.

Finally, Leonardo’s painting is a reflection of how the western civilization is vicious towards depicting a new era of humanity. The new period identified with the western civilization is the era of a scientific breakthrough with many inventions and vast knowledge that has made life simpler. Through the Vitruvian Man, we get to have a better understating of the advanced ideas developed by the western civilization given that it is prosperous. Also, the notion of problem-solving as seen from the viciousness of the western civilization is reflected in Leonardo’s art. The human body is circumscribed as identified in Leonardo’s painting. Moreover, the painting provides additional lists of ratios and proportions among the different parts of the body like hands feet, and arms among others. These measurements bring in the idea of symmetry as well as dimension given that they are attributes found in nature that have impacted the development of western civilization.