Two news events that has taken place in the past 12 months include; “Gay and Transgender individuals facing high rates of workplace discrimination and harassment” (Center for American Progress, 2011). and “illegal now to fire an individual that is a LGBT.” (Bendery, 2015). As this is making headlines as we speak, these individuals are being discriminated against in the workplace and being judged because of their sexual orientation and even because they support the LGBT community. Because an individual may be LGBT or support LGBT, these individuals can be discriminated against and before, those individuals could be fired for this. However, now it is illegal for an individual to be discriminated against or fired for being LGBT.

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One way this agency can address these events is to put a stop to the discrimination against those LGBT individuals and to have stricter rules and policies on these individuals so that everyone working for the agency will know and understand that this is not tolerated. One other way the agency can address these events is to have rules and punishments for those individuals who decide to discriminate against the LGBT individuals.

I disagree with the statement of a public sector agency providing medical benefits to those employees who wish to have a sex change. If an individual, who works in the sector, wishes to have a sex change, they should use their own money and income to have this done. The company could not afford to allow this to happen without putting them in hot water and causing more harm than good as would most likely happen. Individuals should provide their own money if they want a sex change rather than relying on the agency to help them with this.

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