Environmental pollution world over has reached intolerable levels that have necessitated individuals, organizations, and governments to take steps towards conservation measures. Also, conservation measures are implemented differently depending on the jurisdiction in question with some countries upholding stringent laws aimed at promoting conservation measures.Noteworthy, human activities such as deforestation has contributed a lot in the pollution menace since trees absorb carbon gases from the air and thus in their absence carbon accumulates in the atmosphere. Moreover, burning of fossil fuels has also contributed to pollution since it leads to accumulation of carbon substances in the air. Also, the use of non-biodegradable materials such as plastics has added a lot to pollution since these materials do not decompose when disposed of thus leading to their accumulation in the environment. Furthermore, establishing media campaigns to sensitize the public about the ongoing pollution crisis will significantly help to bring everyone onboard since pollution is not an individual problem.
On the contrary, pollution can be managed by adopting the use of biodegradable materials which will minimize accumulation of non-biodegradable substances in the environment. Also, planting of trees will help reduce accumulation of carbon in the air since they absorb the gas to produce oxygen. Furthermore, individuals can adopt the use of clean energy such as solar and wind energy to replace the use of fossil fuels that produce carbon which accumulates in the air with various consequences such as global warming. Arguably, environmental pollution is mostly a human-made crisis that can be addressed if appropriate policies and laws are instituted by the relevant authorities and enforced to the latter.
Ideally, many factors cause environmental pollution including but not limited to carbon gases, human activities such as deforestation among others. Indeed, there are measures that have been put in place to address pollution concerns such as the use of clean energy which have had great success. Debatably, environmental pollution has become a matter of concern to the world at large but there are measures that have been instituted to address the matter.

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