Dear daughter,Today the long-awaited day has come, and you are graduating from college. I would like to sincerely congratulate you on such a great achievement. It is the day that proves your growth, efforts, and persistence. Now you have become a young independent and a strong woman. College graduation is yet another important step on your way to adulthood. The moment you keep your diploma, you should be aware that the future is in your hands now. So the time to seize the moment and move forward is now.
Throughout all these years, I have been watching you growing. There were moments when I though to myself, what is going to happen to this kid few years later. How will she grow? And now I am here, standing here and watching my little daughter growing into a mature individual ready to live her life.
Dear daughter, I know it has not always been easy to follow your life path. While standing on your side, I have always seen how you chose the tougher, yet the more rewarding way. Your long journey in college was filled with challenging classes that others wouldn’t manage to handle. Then, besides a heavy curriculum you went further and engaged in social work. You’ve helped others while struggling yourself. That is why you have now grown to lead by the example. With your overload of passion in milestone, generosity towards others and willingness to change the world, you will reach many heights and change the world for the better.
Whenever you go in life and whatever you decide to do, remember the words of Steve Jobs: “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”. And I will always stay by your side.
Congratulations once again, dear XX!
Remember that your mother is always there!

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