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My father is one of the wittiest, funniest, and most charming men in the entire world. He has given me a host of memories that will last a lifetime. Some of my best memories are shared on Facebook where many of my friends have fallen in love with him with his antics. Since I discovered that people love him, and that I have a myriad of funny stories to tell about our life together, I have wanted to be a television sitcom writer.

My interest in television developed when I was a young girl. In addition to enjoying my father’s character, I wanted to be the little girl named Olivia on the Cosby Show. Although my family life was nothing like the show, but more like Good Times, I still knew I had a unique story to tell just as they did.

When choosing a college to attend, I was discouraged from following my dream and what I knew was my calling to pursue the major of my parent’s choice. They themselves said, I would never make it big in television. While I appreciated their concern, this was their thought; it was never mine. I had a panging in my spirit that kept screaming—Write the story! Get it on the big screen! I have never been able to silence this conviction, this inner voice.

After graduating from college, I began a career as an educator. During this time, I was unable to “tell the story” because of the need to follow the curriculum in my classroom. However, I found ways to be creative by becoming a step team coach, a mime instructor, an assistant to the arts director, and the teacher who produced the prekindergarten graduation ceremony. Despite the limitations of course curriculum, I was able to allow my gifts to come alive.

Through each of these roles, I told a story. I conveyed stories of peace through step, stories of transformation and hope through mime, stories of childhood recollection through acting. I always found a way to tell my story. My heart wanted to touch the heart of others through these various art forms.

In college, I did not do as well academically as I would have liked. Studying subjects that were of no real interest to me and that I could not truly identify with was painstaking. I was trying to fit into the mold that my parents gave me, but unfortunately, my grades reflected that my disinterest.

On the positive side, my life and work experience speak for me. I consistently created ways to incorporate the performing arts into my work experience at school.

My father hesitated to advocate my desire to study film and television. Nevertheless, and maybe ironically, experiences with my father have become the highlight of my life. Because of their tangible influence, I decided to journal them. The stories depicted in my journal begin in childhood: stories like my dad picking me up with his afro. My brother and I would grab two handfuls on either side of his head and he would lift us up and our legs would dangle from side to side and we would giggle with so much laughter until we could not hold on any longer.

Sometimes I would sit on his lap in the mornings and beg to eat from his plate and drink his coffee. He would tell me that coffee would make me black and put hair on my chest. I was surprised every time, as if I had never heard it before, and I would still require him to give me a few sips. Then I would go look in the mirror to see if I was darker or if hair grew on my chest like him.

These experiences and my desire to tell them are no fleeting muse. I have posted many of these stories online and thus created a following. People are very fond of him, even in love with him. They await my next post and comment on how funny, handsome and witty he is. He has become a Facebook sensation, and many love the man and his tag name, “Daddy Pete”. I love my father and relish every one of our experiences. Moreover, I hope to make others’ hearts smile by telling stories of my dad.

Many great works of art, even television series, begin with an inspiring character and artist’s conviction. Long Island University’s reputation for training in Writing and Producing for Television is not only sought after, but fits with my skills and creative vision. I would be honored to have the opportunity to study with Mr. Steinberg given his reputation in television. I am sure, with his help and expertise, I can make “Daddy Pete” a hit sitcom that shares the life experience of my father and I.

Thank you for considering me for your program. It would be an honor to study, pursue my passion, and contribute to LIU.