To Whom It May Concern:I am submitting this letter of recommendation for Name of Student Inserted Here. My professional qualifications include teaching science and math with over twenty-eight years of experience. It is my esteemed honor and privilege to recommend Name of Student Inserted Here for admission to Name of College Institution inserted here. In my professional opinion, he is one of the best students I have ever taught in all my years of teaching. His work ethic and consistent dedication to studies has enabled him to achieve academic excellence at every turn.
My initial experience in teaching Name of Student Inserted Here came during his sophomore (10th grade) year when he was a student in Israel that continued until the beginning of his junior (11th grade) year when he moved to the United States. During my time as his educator, I found that Name of Student Inserted Here possesses exceptional talent, passion, and drive for life in general. These characteristics emanate into every aspect of his life. He has a natural curiosity towards learning that when coupled with his creativity enables him to excel far exceedingly above expectations. He is a well-rounded student that is good natured and friendly. His ability to interact with and encourage his peers makes him a stand-out among all students as a whole.
Additionally, Name of Student Inserted Here, is a gifted student and is quite talented in the area of mathematics. He was part of an elite group of students that were offered the opportunity to take part in a program that enabled him to study abroad in Israel at the prestigious Bar Ilan University. There he completed his first college degree at the age of 18.
Name of Student Inserted Here, would be an excellent fit for your institution and it is with great pleasure that I highly recommend him for admission to Name of College Institution inserted here.
Warmest regards,

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