First and foremost, I would like to highlight that it is rather disappointing to report to you that our school has developed a social class problem. The reason as to why I have decided to write this letter to you is that you may be part and parcel in remedying this problem. A social class is a stratification and division based on social welfare or political issues. The most common form of social class is social welfare whereby individuals group themselves according to their level of wealth. The stratification ranges from the lower class, the middle class and the upper class that mostly forms rifts.

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Our school, sorry to say, has been a victim of societal stratification that has prompted students to group themselves according to their social classes. Many are the times they play and make friends with those that come from equally wealthy parents like they do. It is important to note that, once they do this, the students from lower classes of wealth begin to feel isolated and out of place. These students may end up developing depression-related problems and exhibit poor performance in class.

As a school, we have come up with the following strategies to eradicate the problem. To begin with, we have invited a guest speaker to talk to the students at length regarding the issue. He will point out the importance of treating each and every student equally regardless of his or her social and political backgrounds.

We teachers are also working to our level best to build the students’ capacity regarding the issue. Students found in social groups will be punished, and the respective parents will be summoned to school for further guidance and counseling. I also appeal to you parents to talk to your children about the essence of equity and treating each other fairly.