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Stonewall relates to the life of gays in the 1960s America. In this period, gay was assumed to be a behavior that could be learned and unlearnt. Thus, gay was considered to be a choice by an individual. This had consequences since the society did not embrace gays. If anything,...

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International Advocacy

Reading this LGBTI report just confirmed things that I already knew and alerted me to issues that I had never thought about enough. For instance, the report states that the criminalization of LGBTI people in terms of expression, association, and identity is one of the biggest obstacles for protecting this...

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The Cultural Politics of Representation

Gaze is a term that has mainly been used in movies and videos. It refers to a steady and intent look, especially in thought, surprise, or admiration. The male gaze is the act of depicting women and the world, mainly in the visual literature and art, from a masculine, heterosexual...

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Brief Product Evaluation

San Francisco is one of the most popular places in the Unites States in California. It is a beautiful place where many people have flocked to in recent years, due to its beauty and culture. Thesis: The city of San Francisco is a great place that offers a rich LGBT...

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Who Should We Speak Up For and Why?

When faced with the question of who it may be the most important to speak up for in life, one of the first aspects to address is who may be unable to speak up for themselves; who lacks the security and platform from which to speak up? Because of this,...

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