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Transgender Discrimination

Introduction Freedom from discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation is a constitutionally recognized human right. However, when a person whose gender identity or behavior does not conform to that which is typically associated with the sex to which they were born, respecting this right can become complicated, especially when...

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Gay Marriage Constitutional Rights

Since the activism largely generated in the late 1960s and 1970s, issues of gay rights have become increasingly dominant in the society, as they remain today subjects of controversy. Greatly emphasizing this is the specific matter of legalized gay marriage. Despite this being in place on a federal level, and...

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Sex Survey

Discussion Question 1 The benefits of sex surveys as a method of data collection include: possibility to collect data from large samples that represent wide and diverse populations; possibility to collect data about participants’ private behaviour; they provide opportunity for data collection where other methods cannot be applied (e.g. observation)...

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LGBTQIA and Minority Health Disparities

There are a couple of barriers that prevent trans individuals from receiving both routine and gender-affirming care. First, and foremost, doctors appear to suffer from a lack of confidence in regard to the proper care of trans individuals. Secondly, Dr. a small percentage of doctor’s let their personal bias or...

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Nasw Statement Regarding The Rights Of LGBT

The NASW statement regarding the rights of LGBTQ explains that the laws should reflect the rights of members of the LGBTQ community as being equal to those of all other human beings. While this assertion is clearly intended to push for stronger laws that protect this population, there is no...

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