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Life And Death

Death and Dying in Social Work

Death and dying the process and what it all means is a mystery to some and the process and what it means to many varies within cultures across the world. To many it entails a conclusion of the process of life, ending a happy existence just to suffer and then...

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Death and Rebirth

The importance of the concepts of death and rebirth to that of initiation are in one sense so fundamentally linked that it appears that one cannot speak properly of initiation without also referring to death and rebirth. Such an account is explicit for example in the work of Eliade, who...

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A Life-or-Death Situation

In the crucial matters of life and death, it is easy to declare one’s philosophic principles and beliefs, but it is much harder, if not impossible, to stick to them when faced with contradictory and complex reality. While the main hero of Henig’s short story, Margaret “Peggy” Battin, has devoted...

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The Death of the Moth from the Point of the Universe

While reading Virginia Woolf’s short story “The Death of the Moth” it is easy to make a conclusion that this text is written in order to illustrate the power of the death over life. It is clear that an attempt to avoid death and to overcome its appearance is hopeless....

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Symbolic Loss and Actual Death

Symbolic loss and actual death are the two types of losses people experience in life. This paper explains the difference between the two types of losses and how people respond to them. It starts with an introduction and proceeds to provide details about symbolic loss and actual death and finally...

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