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Life And Dealth

Truth About Aging

Aging brings about many changes in an individual’s life. From physical characteristics, health problems, and financial strains, many people who are entering the golden years are frightened by the new and unknown. However, it is often the myths about aging that are the cause of anxiety and fear (PR,N. (2013)....

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Fear of Death in Older Adults

Cicirelli, V.G. (2002). Fear of Death in Older Adults: Predictions From Terror Management Theory. Journal of Gerontology, 57(4), 358-366. The reviewed article by Victor Cicirelli focuses on examining the nature of the fear of death in older adults and testing the assumptions that stem out of the terror management theory...

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Life After Death: Two Metaphysical Perspectives

With recent research suggesting that human beings are biologically wired to believe in the afterlife, it is no wonder that mankind has always sought to understand what happens when people die (University of Oxford, 2011). Is there another world where souls are judged on the basis of their actions and...

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Teenage Suicide Essay

The following paper closely examines the diverse reasons behind teenage suicide and self-harm. In particular, numerous peer-reviewed articles are examined in order to provide an accurate analysis of the issue. Each of them contributes research findings that show the key reasons behind escalating suicide and self-harm levels among adolescents. Below,...

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Suicide Essay: Explore The Reasons With Us

Suicide among young adults who are 15 to 24 years of age has increased, and one of the characteristics of the young adults who commit suicide is the theme of difference. Family, culture, and environment predict suicide risk in terms of the data because individuals who are members of minority...

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Dying with Dignity: A Human Right

In is an undeniable human right that every human being should have the right to live the way he or she wants. In some cases this may also include dying the way he or she wants. When an individual is so sick that he/she is in constant pain or in...

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Suicide among Teens

Suicide is one of the leading causes of deaths in the US and the third leading cause of death among individuals aged between 15 and 24 years (Wray, Poladko & Allen, 2011). The suicide rates in the US vary from one state to another with some states having suicide rates...

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Importance of Suicidal Treatments

In modern society, high levels of stress lead many people to depression and may even influence them to take their own lives. People often tend to focus on suicide prevention rather than treating suicidal attempts. This is important because treatments of suicidal attempts may significantly reduce the probability of any...

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Brokeback Mountain

A fair bit of ink has been spilled about the contrast between the story and the film called “Brokeback Mountain.” Of this, a lot of it is because of the reception of the film as compared to the reception of the story, which I think makes us realize something about...

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