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Life And Death

Parental Grief: Implications for Nurses

The grief experienced by parents over the critical illness or death of their child is without a doubt the most difficult experience they will face. Nurses face challenges in providing end-of-life care and should be adequately prepared to provide help to parents facing such grief (Mullen, Reynolds, & Larson, 2015)....

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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

The question whether it can be rational to die challenges our understanding of rationality and free will. From the perspective of a terminally ill person who cannot control his own body and apparently, cannot make decisions for himself, it is obvious that people around violate his rights. Although there are...

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Contrasting Attitudes to Life and Reason

This paper concerns two differing attitudes to the relationship between reasoning and living. It will consider and compare the piece 'The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch' and the piece 'This is Water.' The latter is a closing graduation address given by David Foster-Wallace for liberal art students at Kenyon College...

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Life-Changing Experience

Our life experiences play a major role in who we become. Thus, it is not a surprise people often have different personalities and different ideologies. I know this because an adult life started for me much earlier as compared to most of my peers. I was only five years old...

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Cause and Effect of Suicide

A deeply traumatic event such as suicide often at first glance appears to defy logic. The decision to take one’s own life is a decision of such an extremity that it appears to oppose any attempt to rationally define it. In this regard, suicide has been traditionally viewed as a...

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