One life changing decision that I have made is to go to school in America. It has changed my life in way that I never could have dreamed. It was more of a choice that involved my feelings. I could not wait to get a new experience here. Going to school and being in a different place that was not my country seemed so fin, cool, and relaxing. In some ways, I was wrong.
It has not been that relaxing. Some stress happens trying to do ok in school and to fit in with people. I am the new person who does not know as much. There are many ways that I am an outsider. If I had thought more about this decision, I would have known that I should have taken more time to do some basic things. I wish I had learned the language better and did some study on how to be more of an American. Then, I would not have to get used to so much stuff. More logical thought would have made me postpone being an international student for another year. I do not know if it was possible, but I would have like to live here first without jumping right into school. Not sure if that would be possible, but having some time just to watch people and know people would have helped me get used to this country more.

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I also do miss my family and friends back home. So, another year of postponing coming to a new country could have been better, but he, I made the choice. Now, I live with it and just try to do my best to be a good citizen of America.

One thing that is really hard is the fast pace. Kids and people on the street always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere. I want to ask, where do you have to get to so fast? When I have gone to get some coffee, it seems like as soon as the light changes from red to green, someone is pressing the horn on their car. I want to say, hey, just chill, like people do here. Speaking of coffee, coffee seems to be very important here. People are always taking about Starbucks or Timmy Hos. Calling it Timmy Hoes is sort of funny. Why call it that? Haha. I doubt if people sleep enough here, which makes drinking coffee is even more important. You must stay awake and not fall asleep art work.

Work is something that is a major force here. Like how are you, the question that people really like to ask if what do you do? That is weird because people like to do a lot of different things. How do you pick just one? I guess work is how people judge you here though. That is okay, but not all there is to a person.

The way that people talk to each other is different, too. People are always asking, “How are you?” but it does not seem like they really want to know how you are. It is always said at a time when someone is rushed and their head is on other things, Getting stuff done all the time is another thing that seems to be the motto of the U.S. I am not used to that life style. I like to think and not always be doing something.

Being so much on your own and thinking of oneself is something that seems real different, In my native land, we cared more about each other and if I did something, I would have to think to myself Is this good or bad for my parents, family, and the citizens? Here, that is not how it goes so much. It seems as if people do what they want more. If someone wants to stay out late or skip school, how it would make someone look to their parents? That is one thing that is way different. Parents are not respected as much here. Kids may ask a parent what they think, but in the end, it is up to them.

Here, it is also really cool to look good. That means dressing nice and smelling good. People are always wearing cologne and perfume. Guys are checking their hair and girls are too, but make-up is always looked at for the girls. However, it does seem that who one is more accepted, especially gay people. It is okay to be gay or transgender. There are a couple of jerk bullys, but most of the people here are fine. If a guy wants to hold hand with his boyfriend and give him a kiss good-bye before class that is fine. The same with girls. I think that is quite cool.

Back in my country, you cannot just be gay. It is a big deal for your parents and they would not just say, “Okay, fine” when you told them. It is different world. In fact, I think that most people would not tell them at all. You can be who you are here. That is cool. I know the country just passed gay marriage last year .

Coming to America has been life changing experience for me, a hard one, but also good. I can be me and have more freedom. While I would have waited to come here, about a year, and used more logic, this is my choice. I can only be the best person I can be.

  • LGBT basic rights and liberties. 2015. .