Both high school and college life are part and parcel of almost everybody’s life. As one grows, he or she goes through these life transitions that are very diverse life stages. Interestingly, not many people are aware of the differences that exist between the two. The differences between life in high school and college revolve around academic responsibilities, autonomy/self-reliance and culture change.High school marks the first step into higher education. In high school one is imparted with the right knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary to deal with college and university life. Subjects taught in high school are generalized and are usually mathematics, English and Science among others. At this level, the students are often relaxed due to less responsibilities and requirements to handle their assignments and tests. Regarding time management, high school students have less freedom since they are immature and need more follow up and guidance to ensure that they are at the right place at the right time.
On the other hand, college is quite different. Student are exposed to various subjects and modules that are specific and in line with one’s career life. It is in college that one chooses his or her career life. Additionally, college students are often regarded mature since they are above the age of the majority and are often exposed to vast and complex workload. They have greater tasks since the learning requirement is more specific and assignment submission are fixed. The college authorities often emphasize on seriousness since, the subjects and modules offered determines student’s career success. College students have a lot of freedom due to flexibility of their timetables. Additionally, the students have the autonomy to plan and attend classes based on their timetable. Culturally, college setting is diverse as compared to high school since the students from all walks of life with diverse cultures are admitted into the college. Moreover, high school cultures are transferred into the college by the students admitted. Generally, college life makes one independent and more so comfortable due to high freedom.

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