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Review of Abraham Lincoln and the Vampire Movie

The movie titled, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is characterized by peoples’ desire to be free and thrive against all odds. When the protagonist, Abe Lincoln, is first introduced, he is anguished because of the way in which his mother was killed by a vampire. As a young boy, there is...

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Reviewing Lincoln: A Piece of Art

Lincoln debuts mid-battle with the gloom, carnage, and anguish. No act of butchery is filtered, evident as a soldier – forced down by the foot of another - drowns in murky water. I am reminded of Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan as I watch this. It is piercing, as it should...

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Lincoln’s Inaugural Addresses: A Comparison

President Lincoln's First Inaugural Address (1861) and Second Inaugural Address (1865) examined the same issues but from two entirely different perspectives. The 1861 speech was intended to encourage the Southern states to remain in the Union rather than secede, so that civil war could be averted, while the 1865 speech...

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Abraham Lincoln Essay

Abraham Lincoln, born in 1809, would become a name marked in history books as the 16th president. He was born in “Hardin County, Kentucky, the son of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks” . As a child, Lincoln’s family “belonged to a Baptist denomination that broke from the parent church on...

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