I took time to visit one of the greatest museums in Berlin, which comprises of many artworks. However, one of the most outstanding pieces of artwork included Ivan Kozaric’s first solo exhibition, which showcases some of the most important and emblematic works of the artist where he uses creative approach and further provides an overview of his artistic practice. He is regarded as one of the most significant Croatian artist of the second half of the 20th century because of his oeure diversity and variance of his work arranged in linear thread. Therefore, the essay seeks to describe the line and space of Kozaric’s first solo exhibition named Shape of Space.

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It is important to note that line and space are important elements of art because they define the kind of art being presented. In this case, Kozaric’s use of line as an element of art uses a two-or three dimensional that is descriptive in nature. On the other hand, space represents the positive and negative areas that are defined in a work of art. In Kozaric’s piece of art, he employs the use of curatorial line in the exhibition to show that the starting point of every art work lies in an earlier one; rather than serving his past artistic work. On the other hand, he uses space to represent the human figure and other recognizable forms with a particular degree of interpretative freedom and with elements of abstraction (Honour and Fleming 23). Therefore, in Shapes of Space, the artist employs the use of line and space as tenets that represents converge of his poetics such as the search for the infinite emptiness that goes beyond matter and other essential relationships of elements of artwork. I believe that the piece of artwork is unique, which has made Kozaric to attend some of the major international exhibitions to display his piece of artwork because of the mastery in the use of line and space as elements of artwork.

Conclusively, defining a piece of artwork is essential, especially when examining the line and space as significant elements that define a particular artistic work. Therefore, Kozaric’s piece of work demonstrates a deeper understanding of the use of space and line that creates the sculptural form of an artistic work.

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