There are several distributions of bilabial stop phones in the selection. The position of individual phones within a word contrast significantly. There are also free variations and complementary distributions that can be seen in each position. Various phonemes are also represented. Based on the analysis it is possible to describe what happens at the end of each word. The distribution can be characterized for [b] as the word initially and intervocalically. Meanwhile, [p] involves the word initially, intervocalically as well as the word finally. [ph] is related to the word initially, followed by intervocalicaly and the word ultimately. [ƃ] relates to the world initially as well as intervocalically.
There are four segments that can be differentiated in this system. Each may be characteristic of unique phonemes which can be seen in several ways. There are minimal quadruples that are seen in ‘gourd’ ‘stone’ ‘snake’ and ‘red’. Simultaneously, there are sets of minimized quadruples. These involved segments of four that were in the intervocalic positions. This is especially notable in ‘one who returned’ ‘one who jumped’ ‘one who saluted someone’ and ‘one who sent something’. Phonetic environments may be unlikely to facilitate the stop. Despite the variations that are available freely, it is clear that [b] and [ƃ] are not present in that position. Ending words as well as the contrast of the initial four segments are not continuously maintained. Ultimately a stop is not encouraged towards the end of the word and is the best way to characterize the changes.
There are a lot of conclusions that can be ascertained based on the existing evidence. The minimum quadruples as well as other conditions that are facilitated through segmentation make some of the most highly contrasted distributions. While contrasts are not encouraged especially towards the end of the words, it is possible to establish basic classifications through analysis of each character’s position.

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