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How to Learn a New Language

We live in an increasingly connected world, thanks to globalization and advancements in communication and information technologies. Cross-cultural business and social interactions are becoming a norm around the world. This only increases the importance of learning a new language because language is a window into a culture. While childhood is...

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Phonological Features of Chicano

Chicano English, which is also referred to as Mexican-American English, is an American-English dialect primarily used in the Southwestern region of the United States by Chicanos or Mexican-Americans. Not to be confused with Spanglish, Chicano English is not a mixture of English and Spanish or an inter-language but rather a...

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Toulmin’s Model of Argumentation

Whilst working in a busy local convenience store, in was the responsibility of myself and a colleague to unpack the weekly delivery and place the stock upon the shelves. The first part of this task involved transporting the stock from the delivery cages in stockroom to the aisle, front of...

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Is It ‘Ax’ or ‘Ask”?

Who uses this item (in this way)? Does its use correlate with: region, social class, age, gender, ethnicity, race, or other factors? How strong are these correlations? The use of ‘ax’ in place of ‘ask’ is most often done by speakers of African-American English (AAE), also referred to as Ebonics....

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Why Spelling Is Important?

Spelling absolutely matters. Many tools have been developed to help individuals spell words correctly. Auto-correct helps determine what words may or may not be spelled correctly. It will then “correct” the words that it determined are spelled incorrectly. However, auto-correct is a computer program. It cannot think like a human...

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