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Micro-Linguistic Factors in Macro-Linguistic Disciplines

SociolinguisticsSociolinguistics is a macro-linguistic discipline as it deals with language's interplay with broad social factors, that is, the effect that group membership and different perceptions of populations has on language and its evolution. However, there are still micro-linguistic aspects to this discipline. Sociological factors are great agents of language change,...

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Linguistic Analysis

There are several distributions of bilabial stop phones in the selection. The position of individual phones within a word contrast significantly. There are also free variations and complementary distributions that can be seen in each position. Various phonemes are also represented. Based on the analysis it is possible to describe...

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Language Awarness

The “Weasel Words” are often seen in advertisements to create a potential customer without making any specific statement. This protects the companies against the lawsuits as they are only responsible for the official meaning of the words they choose and not the meaning they want the customer to believe in....

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Anthropology Linguistics

To discuss the various forms families take in response to particular social, historical, and ecological circumstances, we must, at the outset, make a distinction between a conjugal family (in Latin conjugere means ‘to join together’), which is formed on the basis (Havilland et al 260).Part 1. Phonemes and the International...

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