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Differences in American & British Pronunciation from a Phonological Perspective

Of all the difficulties that a foreigner is most likely to face when familiarizing himself/herself with English pronunciation, it is important to make mention of the one that refers to the multitude of accents. Obviously, English should be viewed as presenting the pronunciation that varies dramatically depending on where the...

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Language and Literacy Development in Middle-High School Years

Learning a new language can be difficult for anymore, but when it comes to English language learners (ELL), they may face many obstacles in school that can progressively get worse if not taught correctly. According to Karen Ford with Colorin Colorado, an educational service of WETA, “research has shown that,...

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Japanese Paralanguage

Nonverbal language is prevalent in all societies. The way people carry themselves, their body language, and the social cues they give are mere nuances and are not overt. This noverbal language, or paralanguage as it is also called, is different among cultures and especially so in the Japanese culture. What...

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Translation of Song Lyrics

The one who ever asked themselves what does the soul of a rapper looks like, should definitely listen to or just read the lyrics of Coolio’s song “My Soul”. This song is a piece of rap music, which makes its lyrics particularly interesting. From the point of stylistics, rap is...

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The Concept Of Grammatical Metaphor

This activity is based on the concept of grammatical metaphor, specifically the instances of logical metaphors and how they occur within spoken and written language. Logical metaphors usually occur when there is a sense of reasoning or explanation occurring within a clause or sentence.Justification The students will aim to learn...

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