Majoring in business administration helps in obtaining the required competencies in computer literacy and oral presentation. Some of the skills preferred are computer skills and an understanding of critical tools used in a busy business environment (Allbusinessschools, 2013). Business administration students should develop and enhance their literacy skills as they advance through each year of their college experience. Developing an effective literacy approach in business administration is one important factor. Students should understand the required core and elective classes in the business administration major. Developing literacy in business administration at my college is beneficial because it helps in enhancing my skills in business administration and prepare myself for the stakeholders in the field of business such as employers who require college graduates to have competent literacy skills in my major.
Like for most people, my literacy skills in business administration began to develop when I was in young. It first began when I used to accompany my parents to our family business. I admired the manner in which my parents were running the business and learned some management skills from them. I took it up as a challenge and decided that I will pursue a major in business administration once I get admission into college. Later on, I began to develop more interest in business administration. I used to keenly watch my father’s decision related to business process and decisions. I also began to read business administration magazines and articles of prominent personalities who had excelled in growing small business enterprises into multinational business entities.

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To develop my major in business administration, I began to become aware of what my lectures wanted me to do. It ultimately paid off since I passed my classes and graduated from high school and joined college. To enhance my literacy levels, it was obvious that I had to engage myself in both academic and non-academic activities related to business administration. The day I got admission to pursue a business course and major in business administration was one of my happiest days. I am very determined to excel in my major. I seek multiple ways to develop and enhance my literacy levels in business administration.

Literacy Self-Centered Approach

In college, besides attending classes and getting knowledge from my lecturers, I developed a self-centered studying and literacy enhancing approach to improve my literacy in business administration. The self-centered approach includes taking part in business related forums both in college and outside college, seeking career advice for the best approach to employ to succeed in business administration from industry business leaders, engaging my lecturers in areas where I feel I require more support to understand and seeking for internships during college holidays to get the skills of the real business environment in the corporate world.

My lecturers have played an important part in developing my business administration literacy skills by encouraging me to take educational programs comprising courses within and outside my school. They have also encouraged me to participate in research opportunities, internships, seek study abroad program opportunities and pursue special courses. One of the main core areas to learn and pursue as a special course is information technology. Information technology knowledge in business administration is a vital knowledge required for future business administrators since the business process in the modern business environment have been automated. The national and the global business environment requires professionals who have knowledge and understand business practices and concepts, and have skills to use information technology for decision-making and strategic business analysis (Allbusinessschools, 2013). I have also acquired knowledge to solve business problems using word processing, spreadsheet, database or presentation applications. This helps me to approach the expected level of problem-solving by my future employers.

Developing Effective Communication Skills

In my business administration coursework, I have acquired both theoretical and applied methods of ethical business principles, mathematics, computing and analytical decision-making to prepare myself to develop effective communication skills in business, use information technology and analytical tools effectively to aid in making sound business decisions across multiple business disciplines, analyze and manipulate large business data sets to enhance the process of decision making, and define and designing information systems.

There major requires students to register for core and elective classes. Core classes are those classes which one must enroll and they are necessary for all those majoring in business administration. The core classes include business ethics, accounting, communication, marketing, data analysis, project planning, and operations management. I have subscribed to online business administration materials and tools to help me in understanding the language of business, enhance my literacy and numeracy skills needed in my studies and to provide me with real life business administration skills to expect in the outside world. The materials and tools have enhanced my learning level and have helped me to plan for my future career in business administration.

In a nutshell, business administration major degree is more concerned on business management and gives me the required skills and knowledge in the world of commerce (Nich, 2012). In general, business administration major coursework comprises marketing and planning, and the principles and application of economics. The major will enable me to acquire broad-based education in all functional areas of business such as management, information systems, marketing operations, accounting and finance. In future, I will enroll and pursue a master’s degree in business administration and also take industry standards certifications and on-job training in the field to improve and enhance my literacy in the field to work in an administrative position in retail business and general service.

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