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Opinion Essay – We Live Without Feeling the Country Beneath Our Feet

O. Mandelstam’s poem We Live Without Feeling the Country Beneath Our Feet landed the poet in a Russian prison camp because Stalin didn’t like the way that the poet portrayed him. The poem refers to the man with fat worm hands, a cockroach mustache and being in command of thin-men/chickens....

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Moscow and Petersburg

This paper discusses stereotypes of Moscow and Petersburg portrayals in Alexander Pushkin’s poem “The Bronze Horseman”. It focuses on the historical and philosophical context that each city bears in the mind of a Russian. The stereotypes of Petersburg are evident in the poem “The Bronze Horseman” by Alexander Pushkin. The...

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Plague Of Ticks By David Sedaris

Sedaris analyses his life as an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) sufferer. He uses a language that impacts the reader with strong arguments characterized by appeals and purpose and he uses irony, hyperbole and stereotypes to reel the audience in which he makes his life time which is full of ticks...

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The Plague of Doves Reflection

In Louise Erdrich’s novel ‘The Plague of Doves’, Mooshum tells Evelina and Joseph a story of the murder of a white farm family and the vengeance exacted by the white community on the Ojibwe for this crime; but leaves out the whole truth. In this case, Mooshum’s version of the...

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Black Men in Public Space Summary

Introduction: In 1987, Brent Staples published the thought-provoking short story “Black Men in Public Space,” in which he recounts multiple experiences in which he was viewed with suspicion, and even feared, simply because he was a black man. These experiences occurred in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but they are still...

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