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The Host: Novel Review

The Host is a romance novel written by Stephenie Meyer and even adapted into the science fiction thriller film. Traditionally, there is a story of the post-apocalyptic world that captures the Earth after the alien invasion. The race of Souls come to the Earth in order to create the perfect...

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Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

A brilliant novel by Edith Wharton present a non-typical love story. Ethan Frome and his wife’s cousin Mattie Silver fall in love, however, they cannot be together because of sick Zeena. Despite strong feelings experienced by both Ethan and Mattie, they realize they cannot overcome Ethan’s marriage and his responsibility...

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Compare and Contrast: Bartle and Saboor

The winners, not the losers, write history. The authors of The Yellow Birds (Kevin Powers) and The Mountains Echoed (Khaled Hosseini) share a different perspective but, the intended messages are directed toward Americans. Powers wants us to see the reality of war; the side that the public doesn't see. He...

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The Dog in the Lifeboat

The case of The Dog in the Lifeboat describes a scenario where a dog and four humans are trapped on a lifeboat. The lifeboat, by virtue of having space for only four, is on the verge of sinking, and the passengers must see to their survival by sacrificing one among...

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Caucasia, by Danzy Senna

The book I have chosen to review for this essay is Caucasia, by Danzy Senna (Senna). I appreciate this novel immensely. On its face, it is about race and what it is like to belong neither fully to the world of White Americans nor to the world of Black Americans....

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