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Modernism in African-American Literature

Like any literary movement, the more one tries to narrow down the definition of Modernism so that it can cover every writer judged to be a devotee, the more slippery the movement becomes. Any attempt at an application of a singular overriding thematic concern of movement intended to cover so...

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The White Album and the Antagonisms of the 1960s

The 1960s are often seen to be the most important decade in the history of popular culture, and indeed popular politics. Indeed, is it even possible to imagine the what we now understand as politics or pop-culture without such figures as Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King and Marlon Brando? These...

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Critical Analysis of Research Literature

Article 1Walton and Cohen (2011) conducted a research that was inspired by the impact of stereotyping and social marginalization of African- American students and other minority groups on academic performances and increased susceptibility to common illneses. The research focused on Caioppo and Patrick’s research on loneliness and the human need...

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Cross the Green Mountain

The Nobel Prize in literature winner in 2016, one of the most famous song writers and singers of the 20th centuries, Bob Dylan, was born in 1941. He is an internationally recognized musician, songwriter, and singer, whose high moral ideas still point out the right direction for the development of...

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Analyzing and Evaluating the Use of Literature

The article, dedicated to the development of a telephone-based intervention for support persons to help smokers quit, was written in 2008. The major research the research was based on relies on the empiric evidence as well as on the interviews carried out by the authors. Given the fact that the...

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