If I had to choose where to live in the US, I would definitely pick California. More specifically, I would want to live in Los Angeles, and here I will explain why.
To begin with, Los Angeles is located on the ocean side, and this gives it the edge over other American cities. You can go boating, swimming or surfing any time of the day and any season of the year. You can also take sun baths, if you want to, or play volleyball at the beach, if you are into sports. There is even a special term called California lifestyle to label all the lively outdoor activities that so millions of locals love to be engaged at!

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But you need to keep in mind that Los Angeles is a huge city, second largest in the US (Infoplease 2016) and seventeenth largest in the world (Worldatlas 2016). Therefore, it can provide outstanding education services to its citizens. Such institutions of higher education as University of California or University of Southern California are constantly ranked among the top world universities, and there are millions of opportunities for their students who can choose what to pursue from physics to arts. By the way, Los Angeles is the nation’s capital for cinematography with Hollywood being located there. Many aspiring actors and screenwriters move to Los Angeles to try their luck at the movie production industry.

What is more important, Los Angeles can offer the international environment to any citizen or traveller. The mixture of cultures – as evidenced by food you can taste, languages you can hear and entertainment you can participate in –is what differentiates Los Angeles from other American cities. To experience its benefits fully, one has to travel to Los Angeles and actually try living there!

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