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Logical Fallacy

In one episode of his program last year, Fox News Bill O’Reilly accused Obama of implementing Obamacare to realize his dream of a socialist America . This assertion is an example of logical fallacy of false analogy. Implementing universal healthcare system doesn’t mean one is making the country socialist and...

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The Logic of Reason

This movie follows a time line on the development of logic. It starts with learning that Logic comes from the Greek logos, which means “words”. The start goes back to Aristotle in the 4th century B.C. His work, The Organon, laid the foundation for questions that deal with the truth...

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Ordinary Logic in Unordinary

The article “Ordinary Logic in Unordinary Lay Theories: A Key to Understanding Proneness to Medication Nonadherence in Schizophrenia” by Navon and Ozer (2003) explains that there are various reasons why all people decline treatment or forego medications in every type of diagnosis. However, it is critical in regards to those...

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Logical Fallacies and the News

The news reports on various controversial events and contemporary social issues every day. These reports are from all around the world and cover a wide range of topics. One such topic creating much attention in the United States these days is the subject of legalizing marijuana. This subject is one...

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Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorders are culture-specific. Disorders by their nature are behavior that is outside of the normal behavior of the culture making the determination; however behavior is shaped by culture. Laroi and colleagues (2014) for example, concluded that culture can affect what is identified as a hallucination, that they can be...

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How To Determine The Accuracy And The Quality Of The New

It may seem that the information flow has increased greatly over the later years, but what fails to escape the attention of many people is that most of this information is not entirely true. As sad as it may seem, even in those parts of the world, where democracy and...

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