1. I am applying for the doctorate program in physical therapy at Loma Linda University because I agree with the tenets of its mission statements. I feel that obtaining my advanced degree at a college that attests to, “Educating ethical and proficient Christian health professionals and scholars through instruction, example, and the pursuit of truth” is an ideal that aligns with my life. While I do have a strong sense of ethics and morals, attending a Christian based institution can keep me on the right track and give me the foundation and support that I need to always honor the truth and keep living up to my Christian ideals. As a future healer in the physical therapy field, it is even more important to know that while medicine can be a life saver and provide an earthbound miracle, it is really God who can provide miracles that some of my clients may need. I have heard of many miraculous stories of babies that were not supposed to last beyond 24 hours and people how have been in horrible car accidents who were never supposed to walk again. Yet, they defied the odds and were able to do what doctors said that they could not.

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To me, that is evidence of God. While medicine helped them get to where they are and to heal, God is who provided the ultimate miracle. Even if my patients are not religious and do not believe in God, I want to know that by praying to god, I can help them progress in their treatment or get a medical miracle. I feel that getting a doctoral degree in physical therapy is the best way that I can serve as a healer of the Lord, Loma Linda University’s mission tenet of “Expanding knowledge through research in the biological, behavioral, physical, and environmental sciences and applying this knowledge to health and disease” something that resonates with me. I am also the type of person who sees people as more than just a patient. I see people as whole beings, complete with a spiritual, emotional, and family life who have much to offer the world. By helping my clients to heal and listening to their physical concerns, I am helping them live out their God given purpose, while also adhering to Loma Linda University’s mission of “Providing comprehensive, competent, and compassionate health care for the whole person through faculty, students, and alumni.”

2. As a deeply religious person who has been educated at two religious institutions, Hope International University and California Baptist University, I am already familiar and comfortable incorporating religion into my daily life and education. However, even before I attended these two universities, the foundations for a spiritual and religious life that was deeply devoted to God had already been established. My parents always stressed the importance of being deeply connected to God, following his Biblical principles, attending Church every week, and trying to listen to what God wants me to do with my life. The Christian upbringing and foundation that my parents set for me carried into my life as an adult. I have experienced some tough times and struggles in my life where things looked hopeless, bleak, and unable to be turned around. The more that I prayed and tried to better my situation, the worse things seemed to get at times.

Then, I remembered the story of Job and how he lost everything, including his friends, support, health, etc., but he knew that God would carry him through and reward him in end. Fortunately, my strong spiritual foundation helped me hold on for one more day, then another day, until eventually God carried me through to the other side. I start every morning with God in prayer and spend every night with him as well, praying for God’s love, guidance, and wisdom in every area of my life. Because of my faith, I have in an inner resilience that I apply in all situations, including my academic life. If I am accepted into your physical therapy program, I will also rely on my faith and resilience to help me complete my doctorate successfully.

3. I feel that I have many qualities, both personally and professionally, that I can offer to Linda Loma University’s physical therapy program. One of my strongest qualities is the ability to put myself in other people’s shoes. I feel that my sense of empathy for other individuals will help me to be a better physical therapist and more willing to listen and try to understand the pain that one is in. Another attribute that I possess is patience, which is an essential skill in physical therapy. Some of my clients may resist treatment and not complete their at home exercises for various reasons. However, I need to show patience and try to encourage them to take action, versus venting my frustration and getting irritated with their lack of progress. I am also a positive person who can establish a solid rapport with many people from different backgrounds, which can help clients trust me enough as a physical therapist to follow my directives and do their best to engage in the process of healing. Academically, I am diligent, driven, and put in the work necessary to achieve my goals, these attributes needed to be successful in a physical therapy doctoral program. I also learn quickly and know how to think critically and creatively, abilities that can enhance my performance as a physical therapist. However, I also have a sense of future vision and passion that propels me to succeed. My long-term goal is to open my own physical therapy rehabilitation center in the future, a goal that I am already working towards.

4. I have always been the type of person who believes in God, the power of faith, and listening to God’s call in my life. I have always followed the voice of God in everything that I do in my life, so why should I approach my education in a different way? While I am applying for a doctorate in a field such as physical therapy that is very medical, straight-forward, and based on logic, I also want the intuitive voice of God and the Holy Spirit to lead and guide all the processes of my educational journey. If I do not listen to God, then I should not be a practicing physical therapist. It is my personal and strong relationship with God and the faith that he will always work things out for my greater good that has propelled to me to where I am today. It is with God’s help that I was able to attend Hope International University and graduate from California Baptist University in 2013 with my Bachelors of Science degree in Pre-Physical Therapy in only three years, versus the usual four years. Therefore, taking faith based courses and attending chapel services is just an extension of what I have always done, these two things allowing me to deepen my relationship with God and to always hear his voice, even when times are tough and challenging. As I know that obtaining a doctorate is challenging and will test my faith at times, I want to be have a solid religious foundation under me, which I feel that Loma Linda University can provide via religious courses and time spent in chapel services.

5. Yes, I will happily abide by Loma Linda University’s no drug, tobacco, and alcohol policy. Part of the reason that I am applying to Loma Linda University’s doctoral program is due to the institution’s stringent, no tolerance policy on alcohol, drugs, and smoking. As a person who has always lived a clean, sober life, I do not want to be distracted by other students who are engaging in illicit substance use. To complete the physical therapy program successfully, my mind has to stay sharp, clean, and focused. Drinking and using drugs is something that directly opposes my goals, as well as what physical therapy symbolizes for me: mind and body health. I also care about what Jesus Christ and God think of me and how they would want me to conduct my life. I know that living a religious spiritual life involves taking care of my body and mind by doing things to keep me healthy. I have seen too many people who have wasted their talents and lost their lives to drug and alcohol addiction, their tragic lives only confirming to me that substance use does not advance one’s life or help one achieve goals Throughout the years, celebrities such Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, and Corey Monteith fought to end their drug use, even entering rehab facilities, but died in the end. Even the most religious and faithful servants of the Lord, who always gave credit to God for his gifts and blessings, such as the late singer Whitney Houston, ultimately lost their lives to drugs. I would never want alcohol. Smoking, and drugs to ruin my calling as a physical therapist. I want to be able to heal other people and to be able to live a positive, clean life. The Bible says that we should treat our bodies as our temple, a principle that I have lived by and will continue to live by throughout my years on earth.