In June 3, 2013, I graduated from American Creativity Academy for girls. The graduation day was one of the best moments in my life. I had eagerly waited for it. I was filled with joy and excitement of what I had achieved. It was the most important day of my life so far. The day was more than a ceremony to me. I knew that I were to become a different person. It was the time to transition from one stage to another in pursuance of my career dreams. The graduation day was also my day to have fun, celebrate with my family and be grateful to my parents for helping to achieve. My parents had put a lot of efforts to make sure I got the best education I deserved.

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Before the graduation day, I invited my friends and family members to come and celebrate with me. I had organized my graduation celebration ceremony to take place at a prestigious hotel near our neighborhood. However, I vividly still remember what happened. Something bad happened almost ruining what I had planned. The day before the graduation day, I was jumping on the couch. Accidentally, I fell down and twisted my right ankle. I experienced a lot of pain. My leg was swollen. I feared that I could not make to the graduation ceremony. I could not barely catwalk in my new high heeled shoes my parents had bought me for the ceremony. I thought my day long awaited day was ruined. My leg kept swelling. My parents comforted me and assisted me in getting first aid. I was taken to the hospital and doctors scanned my leg. Luckily, they injury was very serious that it could deter me from attending my graduation ceremony. However, the doctor said I couldn’t be able to wear my high heeled shoes. Nevertheless, I was grateful that I was to attend the graduation.

Despite that my ankle had some pain, I woke up early on my graduation day. I ensured that my nails, hair and my graduation gown were ready. I felt I was in my best that day despite that I did not wear my high heeled shoes. I felt excited, overwhelmed with joy and confident. I arrived at the graduation venue. It was filled by students with their friends and family members. Everybody was happy and ready to celebrate the day. The ceremony started well on time. Our school principal and other invited guests delivered inspiring speeches and thanked us for the exemplary performance during our years of study. Everybody encouraged us to keep performing well in our later studies. After the graduation ceremony was over, I felt severe pain in my leg. I was rushed to the hospital. My plans were ruined and everything came into a stand still as I lay on a hospital bed.