One of the products that were once a luxury and now a necessity is computers. Computers have become a necessity because it is hard to imagine an aspect of our personal and professional lives that has not been touched by computing technologies. In addition, mass production has helped bring down costs of computers and make them affordable for everyone which has also helped them transform from luxury into necessity.
Cell phones were once luxury and status symbols because only few could afford them, especially, the usage costs. But now they have become a necessity due to growing importance on instant communication and round-the-clock connectivity. Companies now issue smart phones to their workers and similarly, schools and colleges are uploading course material on the internet which is often optimized for mobile hardware such as smart phones. Moreover, government now offers many services which can be accessed through cell phones and in many instances, paper applications have been replaced by online applications.

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Airbags in cars were once luxury and only offered as either optional add-on or only in very expensive cars which were out-of-reach of the masses. But now airbags are standards and come in even the cheapest of cars. There are many factors that have contributed to it such as government regulations, higher consumer expectations, and even economic factors because car manufacturers and insurance companies benefit. Car manufacturers benefit from improved quality perceptions while insurance companies enjoy higher profitability because fewer road fatalities mean few insurance payouts and related costs.

The above three examples show a product can turn from a luxury into necessity due to different factors including but not limited to political factors, technology, social trends, and legal factors.