Machiavelli depart from Aristotle Machiavelli and Aristotle differed in their views of the dictatorship, aristocracy, as well as democracy forms of government. Aristotle suggested that dictatorship was the best form of power as it would balance the power between the poor, the rich and the middle class. Based on Aristotle’s view, democracy was a despotic form of government since it caused competition among the classes as well as the vulnerability of leaders to rule through emotion and not on the strictness of law. On the other hand, Machiavelli suggested that democracy or the use of the three forms at ago was the best form of governance.

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Machiavelli assumption on human nature
In his political analysis, Machiavelli mocks human nature as he sees human beings as mean as well as antagonistic. He saw human beings as wretched creatures who did not keep their word, but one needed to keep their word to them since they were self-centered. Machiavelli strongly enhanced a secular society as well as immorality.

Advice to U.S presidents and Bill Clinton
The best advice for any U.S president is to be wise enough to promote the formulation of proper laws as well as their regulation. The legislator should be democratic in bringing change as well as influence in governance through the laws formulation to ensure the flow of power in the country.

Bill Clinton should endeavor to be the sole authority of the country. He should be concerned with the founding as well as transformations of a state as a single man. Once a common goal kicks off, it will be much easier to avoid succession and maintain the seat hence the goal accomplishment.

Most Machiavellian
President Nixon was the most Machiavellian as he was not feared by his populace. He was confident, and that aspect made him become the sole owner of people he treated with the least respect.

Least Machiavellian
President George Bush was the least Machiavellian president of the United States of America as he appeared to be religious to win the hearts of the people. He also introduced a new system that was central to the modern Machiavellian.

To summarize Machiavellian thoughts and believes, the advice he gives in the discourse is influential in developing an understanding of the political virtues as well as ethics.

Machiavelli true attitude on ordinary people
Machiavelli attitude towards ordinary people role is diminishing. He sets down diverse standards of morality for leaders different from those of ordinary people as ordinary people are the least participants in the political affairs.

Contradictions of political theories and recommendations between the prince and discourse
According to Machiavelli, the end is all that counts especially where there is the lack of recourse to justice even if the means do not justify the means. A leader can obtain the weak characteristics of the humanity of his people. However, the political theories and recommendations are different. In the discourse, his primary concern is to advocate for republicanism. He first suggests the use of the three forms of government at a go but later goes against them rejecting the use of monarchy or oligarchy.