Macy’s customers are everything. The only thing that counts is the customer’s happiness. People shop in our stores for a day, and become clients for a lifetime. Our flagship department store Macy’s, supports customers who are striving for success. We offer wardrobe apparel that people can investment in, at prices they can afford. Every department in Macy’s carries high-quality goods for the wise, selective shopper.
Bloomingdale’s is our upscale department store that puts customers in touch with the good life. Bloomingdale’s stands for everyday luxury, upward mobility, and the art of elegant living. Macy’s posh Blue Mercury day spas are for movers and shakers who owe themselves an hour, or an afternoon of pampering that renews the mind and body.

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The Macy’s customer experience is wonderful, and customers return to us because our sales floor employees are excellent at communicating how much we care. The Magic of Macy’s is that in good economic times as well as bad ones, we have our Thanksgiving Day parade. Macy’s believes in sustainability in action. Taking action means that Macy’s reduced energy consumption within stores by 50 percent. Sustainability in action is good for business, and the right thing to do for future generations. Environmental integrity means that we replaced our light bulbs with LED lamps. Social responsibility means that we reduced our carbon footprint by switching our shipping from over-the-road trucks, to railway containers.

The Magic of Macy’s is our guiding light. Macy’s stands for diversity and that is how we attract and retain great employees. Macy’s has no tolerance for discrimination. The Magic of Macy’s shows when we walk our talk. We made the decision to discontinue our business relationship with Donald Trump. Macy’s is phasing out the Trump menswear collection because bigotry is never glamorous.