Farley states that racism has not only intentions, but also consequences. Racism can have severe effects on the society. These effects of racism are mostly seen on the people that are suffering from discrimination. From Farley’s arguments, it is evident that racism is a negative thing in the society.
According to a study done by Cornel news service, racism has many effects on the victims. Victims of racism can become angry and violent. Racism also lowers people’s self-esteem. The people who are discriminated against feel not worthy to be a part of a society. This is evident in the United States where the white people discriminated against the black people. Blacks did not have a say in the society because the dominating group did not accept them. The study also found out that discrimination erodes the mental health of an individual. Evidently, the black people who are affected by discrimination have a poor mental health. This is due to chronic exposure to mental health which leads to more discrimination events and more negative encounters in the various domains of their lives.

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Racism also affects the education of students in school. Students who encounter racism in their schools perform poorly in their academics. This is because racism causes depression in them. The students don’t feel as part of the school society. They therefore take much of their time trying to find a way to fit in or survive the ordeal thus neglecting their academic work. Racism also affects peace in the society. Individuals being discriminated against may try to fight for their rights. Due to their anger, they may become violent thus disrupting peace. This may cause slow progress in that society. The blacks in America fought for their rights to be listened to and be included in the national cake. This was a tough ordeal and many people lost their lives. The effects of racism can be more severe if the issue is not looked into in its early stages.