This paper will utilize Camden Property Trust, a Fortune 500 company, for the purposes of this assignment. It will select a group of individuals to train throughout the course of all assignments; in this case, the customer care representatives in the call center have been selected. For this assignment, training retreat plans will be discussed, determining the best two to use with this particular company and grouping of individuals. It will be described why these two were selected and why they are the best choices

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Camden Property Trust is a Fortune 500 company within the housing market; in recent years it has consistently hit the lists for being one of the top ten companies to work for (100 Best Companies to Work for, 2013). The company provides apartment housing for individuals and corporations throughout the continental United States (Camden Living, 2014).

There are many activities that may be utilized within the training retreat plan designed to get the customer care representatives from the corporate call center actively engaged in the training process, allowing them to become more effective as a group. For the purposes of the training retreat plan, the two activities that were selected for the Camden call center representatives were “Gaining Attention” and “Enquiring Minds Want to Know” due to the type of work that these individuals complete on a daily basis.

The “Gaining Attention” activity was determined to be an ideal activity for the training retreat due to the fact that all the members of the customer care call center need to be able to keep the attention of the individual on the phone, working to direct their attention to the answer that not only best fits their question, but the best Camden solution for the reason that they are calling, or by working to increase the likelihood of the individual becoming a Camden Living resident. The “Gaining Attention” activity is designed to work to teach trainees how to capture the attention of the individual to whom they are speaking, in this case on the phone, ensuring that they are able to keep call times down while not being steamrolled by the customer and remaining in total control of the conversation (Silberman, p. 110). “Inquiring Minds Want to Know” works to teach the representatives how to stimulate the curiosity of those that they have on the phone, increasing interest in the Camden experience, and thereby working to ensure that they increase the likelihood of individuals entering into contract with Camden (Silberman, p. 112).

By working to find the training retreat activities for the group participating in training, it works to ensure that not only will the individuals be able to more effectively participate in team building exercises, but the activities will be relevant to their jobs, and will allow them to do their jobs in a more effective and efficient manner.