The difference between the male member of the society and female has been debated over the years. The male is seen as the head of the family followed by the female. The differences are major such that the activities that the sexes have to do are highly evident. A man is expected to do all the hard work that presents itself while the woman activities involves soft chores available at home. Many researchers have come up with research that shows the difference is not that wide. Others have gone into detail to see these differences. Kuthu Politt and Deborah Tanen are some of these researchers that have done extensive studies on the differences between the male and female persons in the society. However, the differences are not wide as many people perceive. Small aspects which the society has instilled among the community are responsible for these differences. Some of these aspects include the conversational styles and activities done by the two sexes. There is little difference between male and female, but the upbringing is what causes the difference.

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The way that everyday conversation differs is because of the difference in social class, ethnic backgrounds, age, gender and different regions. Communication differs along these lines. The conversational styles of men and women are different in the society. Most at times, people think that all conversational is the same in among the people. However, research has shown that men and women use different ways to communicate to each other. For example, women have been found to be shy when it comes to discussing issues in class or any meeting in the society. This is not to say that every female in class would not argue or every man talks more than the women but it means that a certain percentage of men over women are involved in discussions. It is seem=n that women shy away from debates or discussion in class. This may be due to a man wanting to be seen as being bold. The society has modeled the man to lead and to be bold while on the other side, the women are supposed to be soft or rather calm. However, some women have shown the world that they can be bold as well. Women such as the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel are a good example. It is through her arguing and debates that she won the heart of the German people.

Sociologists’ researchers such as Donna Eder and Janet Lever have shown that girls and boys learn to use language differently as they grow up. Their peer groups are responsible for the difference in the language. To boys, activities are central to their friendship while to girls, talking and sharing secrets is responsible for their friendship. By participating in bold activities, boys tend to earn a higher status. These patterns outside class have an implication on the conversational styles that will be exhibited in class. Boys being used to daring things will be more willing to discuss topics in front of the class while the girls would lay back and be silent. Conversely, Girls who are in one sex school are more engaged in discussions than their counterparts in mixed schools. However, boys that either schooled in a one sex school and the others in a mixed school both exhibit an aggressive way in debating or discussion.

Differences in men and women also arise from the activities that they do. It is evident that men prefer harder sports unlike the women who prefer soft sports or rather don’t like sports at all. Similarly, men would be found watching sports often than the women. Feminist groups have done much for the men and women to have the same playground but some roles are still differentiated along the sex lines. For example, a Barbie doll would be brought to the birthday of a girl while a truck, a car or a toy gun would be given to the boy. These are the differences that parents raise their children such that when they are grown up, men would be involved in rough activities.

A woman who hates sports would not deny his son from engaging in sports like activity but would find it weird if her daughter went to play football. Same can be said when a boy starts cooking every day in the kitchen or play with dolls. A feminist would find it weird and probably think his son is gay. These are the norms that has instilled in every person and it brings the differences in men and women through activities. Likewise, a man who wants a fair playground for her daughter would find it weird when her daughter starts playing with mechanic tools and boy toys instead of Barbie. These upbringings develop these differences among the male and the female gender.

In conclusion, the difference between a man and a woman is thin. All the differences witnessed in the current generation are because of the upbringing by their parents. If the parents would bring same toys for their children instead of discriminating, a child would grow up knowing that every person is the same and there is no field for a woman and a field for a man. Feminists are responsible for most of the differences that is arising recently. The trend that women are currently advancing into medical fields while their male counterparts are choosing nursing is a result of the feminist groups. Good upbringing of the young adults in the society would be responsible to remove these differences among the male and the female.